Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When Will Barton's Luck Run Out?

Yes, it is that special time again. No, I'm not talking about the transfer window or the upcoming start of domestic leagues. I'm talking about another round of Joey Barton-bashing.

After receiving a four month suspended sentence (does anyone actually go to jail in the UK?) for his assault on then-teammate Ousmane Dabo during training at Manchester City, Newcastle would seemingly love to off-load the midfielder to Bolton. Wouldn't that be fitting? Joey Barton and Kevin Davies on the same team? Will there be any playing of the ball going on at the Reebok or is it just head-butts, late fouls and the occasional Kevin Nolan "Hang Loose" hand gesture after a goal (5 last year!)?

Most of you know that our Joey is much maligned here in the SMiA offices, but that's no surprise since pretty much everyone except possibly his mother and incarcerated brother think he's a degenerate. The most puzzling thing is the amount of chances this guy gets. We've compiled a partial list of his virtues in the past, and I can't figure out why no one's said, "Right, just toss him in the clink for some real time and see how tough the little shit is". The most insulting thing is that the judge even took the time to try and make JB understand:

"As a professional footballer you are someone who is talented and greatly idolised by young and old alike whether you are playing at Manchester City and now at Newcastle United.

"You are constantly in the public eye. You have a high profile, there would be instances of provocations ... being an idol brings with it responsibilities which you have to carry with you all the time.

"You want to be setting an example, particularly to those who idolise you, particularly youngsters who look up to you."

How about just telling him he's a piece of trash and should go to prison for the maximum? If you can ban a fan from his team's stadium, and if you can ban Eric Cantona for half a season for an errant karate kick, the least you can do is make JB feel it where it hurts for essentially attempting to kill a teammate during training.

To make matters worse, the overrated midfielder is on over $120K/wk. Is this kid worth any money? Is the country so desperate for English talent that it compromises basic human ethics just to get this kid some touches on the ball?

Disgraced footballer Joey Barton escapes jail after pleading guilty to vicious attack on team-mate [Daily Mail]

CCTV of footballer Joey Barton in violent attack [YouTube]


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