Thursday, December 27, 2007

Barcode Busted

Cheek? I'll show you cheek . . .

Newcastle midfielder, pugilist and cigar aficionado Joey Barton is in yet another spot of trouble after he was allegedly:
'acting aggressively and bouncing from one group of people to
another, apparently looking for a fight' at around 5.30am.
Here are a few various offenses from JB's CV (at least the ones he's remotely criminally negligent of):

December 2004 - Uses a Man City youth team member's eye as an ashtray for his lit cigar.

May 2005 - Breaks pedestrian's leg in a late night collision while driving through the Liverpool city center.

July 2005 - Involved with a 15-year old Everton fan in an altercation during his team's preseason tour of Thailand, injuring City captain Richard Dunne as he attempted to step in and separate the two.

March 2007 - Arrested on suspicion of criminal assault and criminal damage after an alleged argument with a taxi driver in Liverpool while going to his hotel after a match.

May 2007 - Assaults teammate Ousmane Dabo during training, possibly ending the French midfielder's career with serious eye injuries.

You know those guys that you hate when you come up against them, but you'd love to have them on your team? I'd say JB isn't one of those guys.

Newcastle midfielder Barton arrested for assault [Daily Mail]


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