Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How do you treat a bad personality?

It looks like our favorite anti-social, Joey Barton, won't be turning out for the barcodes anytime soon. Apparently, the Newcastle midfielder needs a bit more work at Sporting Chance, the rehab facility that Tony Adams started. Sporting Chance director Peter Kay confirmed that JB has a lot of work to do at the clinic and patronized Fat Sam's training techniques in the same breath:

"We do not play keepy-up in the garden. We do work of a different nature. I will be appearing with him in court as part of the bail condition."

Silly Peter Kay. Everyone knows they don't play keepy-up at Newcastle's training sessions, opting instead to place Mark Viduka in the box and have the remaining players take turns booting long balls to the Aussie, in between making pomade-runs to maintain Alan Smith's coiffure. In short, no footie for Joey as they try to bleed the asshole out of him.

Sporting Chance Website

Therapist says Joey Barton faces long wait [Daily Telegraph]


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