Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Beckham's Huge Footprint

We all know Goldenballs will travel to the ends of the earth to play for his country, his club, and most likely, to get as far away from Posh as possible. Even though there are a handful remaining in England that still think he has something to offer, apparently Becks' jetsetting isn't so great for our planet.

While DB's flying back and forth, in the hope that he's still needed on both sides of the pond, is admirable, and no different than the carbon footprint of any CEO, socialite or Roman Abramovich, I believe there is a more subtle issue underneath all of this.

If Zinedine Zidane were doing the same thing in his prime, would we care? Is it really the carbon footprint we care about, or the fact that DB's past his prime? And let's be honest, he's not that good that he's needed everywhere (actually, in the Galaxy's case, they need all the help they can get).
Thankfully, he can just pay some illegitmate "organization" to plant trees for every micron of CO2 he's responsible for and it makes everything okay. Since we're on the subject, how many trees will the Beckhams have to plant to make up for the plastic in Posh's body?

Beckham leaves massive global 'footprint' [Fox Sports]


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