Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Long Wait is Over

Hey Becks!!! We gotta new coach!!!! Ever heard of Chris Coleman????

It's a beautiful day for soccer fans here in North America, or at least those fans who enjoy watching lower league reserves play the Australian third division. Because that's what they'll get, with CONCACAF's decision to roll out their own 24-team competition echoing UEFA's Champions League, doubtlessly influenced by the financial opportunity that's so common in today's professional soccer world. Starting in August, this competition will replace the current CONCACAF Champion's Cup, which was made up of 8 teams, typically dominated by Mexican clubs.

What does this mean for us footy fans here in North America? Nothing really, unless the matches interfere with the airing of legitimate competitions from around the world. Okay, I know I'm cruising for a bruising from you MLS, Mexican Liga and er, Caribbean soccer fans out there, but do I really need to watch any more sub-par soccer? I already catch a glimpse of Championship and Scottish Premier League on Setanta, not to mention some really shit Bundesliga, Eredivisie and Ligue 1 action.

Call me a snob; I'll readily admit so, but with so many games going on, a normal fan of the sport already seems to have his hands full with domestic leagues, cup competitions, international tournaments and the European Champions League.

It's like sitcoms. Who doesn't like to laugh? But realistically, we've only time to watch one or two good ones here. Sure, some people think Ray Romano is funny and that Joey from Friends deserved his own show, but to actually waste away minutes of your life watching it? You never get that time back, son. You just remember that when you watch Pachuca destroy the LA Galaxy. Then again, you can always reminisce about that awesome free kick Becks took in the dying minutes of a meaningless game.

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