Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holidays in Manchester

Oh, you play football? What a coincidence, I love money . . .

How do Manchester United celebrate the holidays? Bitches 'n hos, me bro, that's how. Perhaps sick of the WAG-tasticness of having the Red Devils' better halves dancing on tables, splashing Red Bull & Vodkas over their thousand pound handbags, Sir Alex banned them from the club's annual Christmas shindig. Apparently Fergie was giving the lads some time away from their respective ball and chains by introducing them to some, er, talent:

The source told The Sun: "I spoke to one stunner who'd come up from London and
another who'd travelled from Newcastle. They were gorgeous - most were aged
between 18 and 30. And some of them were throwing themselves at the players.
It was wall-to-wall babes. Some of the girls were absolute knock-outs."

I don't know about knock-outs, but from the pic above, it looks like just another dire night out in Manchester in slapper-heaven.

Alas, it wasn't all fun and games in the end. Paraphrasing David Brent, there was indeed a rape up there, or at least one reported, around 4 am. No players are said to be involved, but more importantly, this can't make the WAGs happy.

Rape claim at Man U party [The Sun]
Girl claims she was raped at Manchester United players' Christmas party [Daily Mail]

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