Thursday, September 20, 2007

Adeus Jose

So the Portugeezer's finally gone, the result of Roman Abramovich's dissatisfaction with his gaffer's lack of "entertaining" play. I can understand where RA's coming from, when you've got Wenger's kids playing some sparkling stuff just up the road, but has he noticed how many trophies Arsenal has won in the last few years? Sure, we love watching the pretty, attacking stuff, but lifting some silver typically overshadows that, as far as history is concerned.

And who is there to step in as Mourinho collects his payout and moves on? Avram Grant, who does have a reputation for handling big names, if you can call any of Israel's players big names. But this is a guy who is essentially tactically the same as Jose Mourinho, albeit without the charisma (and the svelte figure in an overcoat).

We all knew something was stirring when the Schevchenko experiment seemed to blow up in everyone's face at Stamford Bridge, in addition to the hirings of Grant and Frank Arnesen, but it seems a bit foolish on the Russian billionaire's part. Sure, I know you have to whip it out and swordfight a bit when you're such a powerful guy, but c'mon . . . is losing arguably one of the greatest motivational and tactical managers in the English game for the last few years the way you want to turn it around and win "at least 2 European Cups"?

Unless another big name slips into Jose's seat (warmed by Grant), I'd be hard-pressed to bet on the Blues going any further than where they are now, and even then the turmoil at the Bridge has got Chelsea fans reeling.

The new man in the Chelsea hot seat [BBC Football]


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