Monday, September 24, 2007

Up the Arsenal

Despite protestations from former chairman David Dein, it looks like moving from the Highbury library to the new soulless corporate monstrosity that is Emirates Stadium, turned out to be a good idea after all. I know money doesn't solve anything, but in Arsenal's case, it helps to dispel the notion that not enough money is going into the transfer market to keep the club competitive with the remaining top four.

But I'm not getting ahead of myself. A rout of probably already-relegated Derby County, a crisis at Stamford Bridge and some inconsistent performances for Liverpool do not mean that Arsenal are now the dominant team in the mini-league of the top four. The Gunners do need money to maintain quality, but it's the expectations that come with it that I don't like. As long as the board fulfill Arsene Wenger's wishes, they'll always be in it, and perhaps even amaze us with some quality. Thankfully, Roman Abramovich is setting a good example of exactly what not to do when you're an oligarch running the team. Though I don't expect you to, take note Usmanov and Silent Stan. [Forbes]

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