Monday, September 10, 2007

Become a Footballer . . . . Have a Beer

Very few things in this world promote a healthy lifestyle and inspire the dreams of children quite like alcohol. While the phenomenon of hooch is often blamed for the plight of Native Americans, Aborigines and essentially all of British culture, Ghana and Chelsea star Michael Essien disagrees:

"I am very excited to be Guinness's first football ambassador, and truly feel
proud to be part of the greatness that is African football. I hope I can act as
a source of inspiration for many football fans across Africa, in the same way
that Tony Yeboah and George Weah inspired me to reach greatness within my
football career."
That's right, Mike, nothing inspires kids like you hocking the creamy deliciousness of Guinness. Look what it's done for the Irish.

Essien on collision course with Mourinho [Ghana Web]


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