Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is the Honeymoon Over?

Apparently TJ Simers has a problem with David Beckham's performance, or lack thereof, since arriving on our shores. Interestingly, if you look at DB's goal-scoring record (admittedly not the only metric to appraise a player, especially one of his position and limited ability) it doesn't differ that much from his time at Real Madrid, where he averaged a goal in nearly every 8 games.

Bitter and pissed off at being denied an interview request? This is the LA Times, man!!! I'm the California Sports Writer of the Year (2000) goddammit!!!

But seriously, did it take you this long to realize the limited impact Goldenballs would have on the MLS and everything remotely connected to soccer? I bet TJ was lauding DB's praises when the deal was first announced.

So much for Beckham being a voice for MLS [LA Times]


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Slim said...

I was not a fan of Becks coming over to MLS--more like the Galaxy--at first because I knew he'd mess up the flow of the team in the middle of the '07 season. This year, he'll be there the whole year, so Beckham will be one of the starting XI. Of course TJ is gonna hate, but that's just old-school media not knowing the evaluation of a player in the beautiful game is not all about goals--it's the whole package. DB will come back strong in the '08.