Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Iraqi Soccer Team Proves Us to be Pansies

I rarely kick the ball around because 1) I have no children to kick around with and 2) I have a suspicion that my wife commands better ball control and technique than I ever would, even if I had played since I could walk (I am, indeed, the least-blessed in terms of any type of coordination; seriously, not walking into inanimate objects is a minor victory for me).

Occasionally AC and I will kick it around my place in front of the TV whenever he's in town, but then we get tired after a few minutes and go back to our beers. Which leads me to this piece about Iraq's deaf-mute soccer team and their resolve to compete in the Asia Pacific Deaf Games, despite living in such a fractured, let's face it, fucked up situation.

Iraq's deaf soccer team braves violence to play [Reuters]


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