Monday, October 08, 2007

The Grab: 10.08.2007

It's perfect timing for Henk Ten Cate, who will most likely assume the No. 2 position under Avram Grant at Stamford Bridge. Despite denials, it looks like the only thing left is his contract to negotiate with the Blues, after Chelsea have agreed to a transfer of the Ajax coach from the 2nd place Eredivisie side. Apparently, Ajax fans have not been happy with HTC, after their club was dumped out of the Champions League in the qualifying round and quickly dispatched out of the UEFA Cup shortly thereafter. HTC should fit in well as a Number 2, considering he did a pretty decent job for Rijkaard at Barca the year the Blaugrana seized La Liga and the Champions League trophy, especially if he plays the enforcer role he did at Barca. Whether or not resentment grows because he's doing this under Avram Grant as opposed to a proven gaffer, remains to be seen.
Ajax coach Henk ten Cate set to take Chelsea assistant job under Avram Grant []

Radamel Falcao can't seem to stop scoring. After netting a hattrick against Botafogo to send River Plate to the quarters of the Copa Sudamericana, the Colombian striker added one on Sunday to help knock Boca Juniors into third place in the Argentine Apertura. River still sit four places behind their porteno rivals, but Falcao is definitely someone to watch. As for Boca, held goalless in Sunday's match, perhaps it's time to look for a proven finisher, rather than the aging Martin Palermo.
Independiente lead cut to one point, River Plate beats Boca Juniors []

If you thought 2FST4U was clever, and you've got a few thousand quid to part with, why not show your love on yer motaah with a personalized plate. Now, I'm not sure why anyone would pay $8,000 for a WE57 HAM plate, but then again, I'm not sure why anyone buys a season ticket to see the Hammers. I'm guessing in England, you get to keep this plate for a while, because for 36,000 pounds sterling (about $72K) for a Gunners plate seems excessive when that could easily buy me a few pints and a pie from the Emirates.
Mad Drivers Bid for "WE57 HAM" Plate [Guardian Football]

I know you're all coming down from the er, euphoria of the Women's World Cup, but apparently chicks ain't good for footy. Or at least that's what Josef Szabo of Dynamo Kiev thinks, responding to a reporter after finally winning a match:

"Personally, I'm not ashamed because I see how in a short time they have made
very good progress, because I have taken them away from their women, from their
wives. We went to the (training) base, because women in football are a
scourge. They do not understand that men need to work, that they have a hard job
to do."
Well, I guess Jo-Jo wasn't watching the England hype during last year's World Cup. If that wasn't support from the England WAGs, what was it? You certainly can't blame them for the Three Lions' impotence, right?
Soccer-Wives, girlfriends to blame for Dynamo Kiev's form: coach [Reuters UK]


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