Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This Just In: Jose Mourinho Ain't Stupid

Have you ever commandeered a shopping cart at the store and stumbled upon a long-gone consumer's shopping list? I've been lucky enough to find some really interesting lists, profound not because of the individual ingredients, but the totality of them. For instance, the one I found that simply listed Robitussin, beer, razor blades and bleach pretty much leads me to believe that my own life might not be that bad after all. Of course, I'm not a handwriting analyst, so I can't tell what stage of desperation this particular shopper was in, or perhaps that he had a big day of window-cleaning and whites-laundering to look forward to over a case of suds.

I am reminded of this only because, by virtue of Chelsea's miserable display against Aston Villa over the weekend, we are blessed with an inside glimpse of Jose Mourinho's deft and masterful continental mind. Of course, all this means nothing, as most of the hoopla surrounding Chelsea's soon-to-be demise (Ballack and Sheva are out, as if that matters, and more importantly, Frankie Lamps' absence from his post in midfield actually exposed the Blues as an ineffective team coming up the middle without him. Despite the depth in Mourinho's squad, there is no wealth of weapons as in Liverpool, where Peter Crouch spends most of his time riding the pine). Unfortunately, there is no mention of anything to the effect of "Avram's a tosser", nor were there any Simpsons-esque renderings of Rafa Benitez in the margins of the Portugeezer's notebook (wide-ruled, with Hello Kitty beaming out from the cover).

Mourinho reveals restless mind in the absense of notable victory [Times Online]

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