Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Grab: 08.30

What's the best way to celebrate a move up the table to the favorite club of your childhood? While I can see no harm in having a pint or two with the lads, perhaps even a jazz cigarette to celebrate, you probably don't want to get caught up with the smack 'n charlie shop your little bro sets up at home. Why do I imagine there's a Burberry baseball cap and a few tins of lager involved in this?

Villa star Zat - I'm innocent [Birmingham Mail]

If there is a time for FIFA to get involved in the world game (and I don't mean selling off tickets illegally), perhaps it's now. Chaswe Nsofwa, a former Zambian international and player for Israeli side Hapoel Beersheba collapsed and died of heart failure yesterday. Training in 104 degree heat, Nsofwa is the third occurance of a player experiencing cardiac issues in the last ten days. First, 22-year old Antonio Puerta, who died from complications of his heart failure, and just two days earlier, Clive Clarke survived heart failure during a League Cup match. What is going on here? If clubs can spend millions on player development, transfer fees, and the assorted bung, why can't we test these guys for heart conditions? Sure, it's hard to enact a world standard for this kind of thing, but isn't that why FIFA exist?

Beersheba's Chaswe Nsofwa dies after training match [Jerusalem Post]

What's David Dein been up to lately? I guess we'll find out at 5 pm GMT, when Double D makes holds a press conference. $151M? You could buy the MLS for that . . .

Arsenal in focus as David Dein calls press conference [Daily Telegraph]

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