Friday, August 10, 2007

Well If The Brits Sitting In Front Of You Say So, Then By Golly, It Must Be True

Look, I wasn't at RFK last night, heck, I didn't even watch it on TV. But if you go by this account by Michael Yessis, the atmosphere at David Beckham's MLS debut was really something. And if you don't believe him, you can't refute the blokes he sat next to:
The three Brits sitting in front of us said it exceeded the atmosphere at most Premiership matches in England, where Beckham first made his name and gave birth to his global cult.
Well, that seals it for me, No. 23 has officially saved soccer in this country. I'm eternally grateful. I guess we've seen the last of all those "Beckham's a waste of money" stories in the press.

‘Egypt Hearts Becks’: Notes from David Beckham’s MLS Debut [World Hum]


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