Friday, August 10, 2007

"He's An Idiot And A Sore Loser"

If you accuse someone of cheating (without any proof mind you), I guess you've got to expect that you're going to get called out like a fifth grader at recess. After Raymond Domenech's recent outburst about the France v. Italy U-21 qualifier for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, former Italian U-21 boss Marco Tardelli had this to say:
Every now and then Domenech says something really stupid. That's what he's like and once again he is trying to provoke opponents. He does this a lot. There were two legs to that play-off, so presumably we would have had to 'buy' the referee in the first match as well. Perhaps Domenech is preparing the ground for his fall if France lose at San Siro on September 8. It seems almost pointless answering back to him. Perhaps instead we should ask why he didn't win more with the formidable Under-21 squads he had at his disposal. He never won anything. So these are the idiotic statements of a loser.
Classic. What kind of reception do you think Raymond will get when he steps out onto the pitch in Milan?

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