Monday, August 13, 2007

Three Lions looking tame

I usually try to keep my criticism of the Three Lions to myself . . . . who am I kidding? Like Alexi Lalas at an East End chip shop, I love to blast the inventors of the world game, those brave and skillful men that play with heart, determination, integ- hang on, vomiting . . . seems like I turned into Steve McC just now.

Well, the gaffer will be making a trip to the US soon to have a chat with the newly-redeemed Goldenballs to see how his tour of American benches is going while he waits for his ankle to heal. And then there's the hole at the back, with Captain England John Terry and permanantly-injured Ledley King dealing with some knocks. Oh yeah, your little pitbull up front, Wayne Rooney? He's out for two months. That's fine, we'll just put in Jamie Carra- nope retired. Add all of this to fact that Frank Lampard's only contribution is to mess w/Steven Gerrard's mojo, as well as the fact that the gaffer has absolutely no idea what to do, and you've got the same old England.


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