Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hossam Ghaly's Impact Still Felt in B'ham

A little late news, but then again, it's from The News of the World, so who knows what degree of truth is attached to this little piece, but you gotta love this:

They booked them for just one hour, bundled them into a black cab and took them
on a four-minute journey across town to Birmingham's four-star Radisson Hotel.
There they joined two friends in a £400-a-night suite. It had been booked in the
name of a Tottenham player who enraged Birmingham stars after bad-mouthing them
when he walked out on the club during recent transfer negotiations.
Could that be the genial Hossam Ghaly that thwarted his own move to Birmingham from Spurs by being himself?

[News of the World, SMiA]


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