Monday, July 02, 2007

Bravo Rio, Bravo

You'd think that Rio Ferdinand would have learned his lesson last year when he Punk'd his club 'mate Wayne Rooney. If you've forgotten, Ferdinand's prank show, Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups, ran an episode where Rooney was informed that his dog was dead, when in fact, it was not.

Hilarity ensued (Shrek didn't think it was very funny), enough so to carry on with the program. Some more of the show's choice bits:
An attempt to trap a fellow TV presenter in a lift backfired when it turned out she suffered from claustrophobia and needed medical attention, then an attempt to fool EastEnders soap hero Alfie Moon, or Shane Richie as he is known in real life, that there had been a helicopter crash in his garden was reportedly blocked by his shocked agents. The stunt kidnapping of another star of EastEnders, Dean Gaffney, also went wrong when the canny thespian realised what was going on and scarpered, just as David Beckham had during a similar prank. And that was not all.
What's next Rio, taking one of Jose Mourinho's kids in the dead of night and then telling him that the child has been put in quarantine?

Pranks but no pranks [UEFA Magazine]


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