Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beckswatch: 07.12

It's been awhile since I've really sung the praises of Goldenballs and his regal damsel. For those of you who love the new Galaxy midfielder, you'll be happy to see him gracing not only Sports Illustrated (with a more-than-complimentary expose by Grant Wahl) but also the cover of Mrs. BL's favorite too-fucking-big-to-stuff-in-the-mailbox fashion mag W, where Becks and Posh look blissfully unaware of just how stupid their contrived pose looks.

I've gotta give Becks some man-love at this point though. First, for managing to stay married to his walnut leather covered praying mantis of a wife, while avoiding Lampardesque embarassing moments. Second, the guy's a good-looking cat, which makes the ladies' love of him much more bearable, than say, elfin Thetan Tom Cruise. Third, there was a time, long before he became as famous as he is now, where he was one of the best midfielders in an incredibly good Manchester United side. And finally, I've realized that DB is what A-Rod (NY Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for those of you across the pond) wants to be. Since I think A-Rod is a sniveling shit who needs love like a deaf and blind orphan (although he may be the greatest baseball player of our time), this places Sir David in a higher category on my hierarchy of athletes. Congrats, Davy, you're not a schumck, at least not yet (living in LA will most likely change this) [The Sun]

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