Thursday, June 14, 2007

Making The Fuhrer Proud

Just when east German clubs were beginning to flex a little muscle, you get a sad story from an U-15 game in Wurzen, a small town in the former communist-East. A little taste:
"We'll build a subway from Chemnitz to Auschwitz"
"Jewish pig, go fuck your Jewish mother"
"Get it right, Jew, or we'll come and pull your foreskin off"
Charming, add some monkey chants and you've got a prefect afternoon at the park. Of course, Germany isn't the only place with the burden of bigotry, it's a troubling fact of life everywhere you go.

Eastern German Clubs Becoming More Competitive [Deutsche Welle]
Severe Anti-Semitism Hits Youth Football in Germany [Der Spiegel]


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