Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another Reason To Drink While On An Airplane

Just when you thought that you'd have to miss those weekend EPL games because you had to fly to see your in-laws, Jet Blue Airways saves the day. Talk about making those cross-country trips more enjoyable. Now, you can really booze it up with gusto while you yell at the ref for awarding a penalty against your team. I'm sure that your fellow travelers will be repulsed delighted by your behavior.

Jet Blue has got half the equation right with the addition of Setanta, now all they have to do is add some quality to their beer selections. It's a little lacking, don't you think?

Setanta Sports Takes Off With JetBlue Airways [PR Newswire]

(via World Hum)


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soccermad said...

A dozen or so tins of Carlsberg and a nice curry should round out the experience