Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Grab: 04.03

No, a little to the left . . . almost got it . . . wow, you're better than a toothpick any day . . . .
There are times when I wish AC and I had thought of YouTube first, but then I realize that just barely making this site coherent is a challenge in itself. So we didn't make billions selling our site to Google (not yet, that is), but who needs money when you've got female fans at the World Cup to look at, inevitably through YouTube. [Who Ate All The Pies?]

And . . . sigh . . . more goodies from the site that shall not be mentioned (until next week).
[Guardian Sport Blog]

There were some pretty sobering images (if not fans) from Roma's clash with the Red Devils at the Stadio Olimpico, enough to further the theories that: 1) English fans are drunken hooligan asses, and 2) Italian police only live to beat up English fans (third on the list after nailing your buddy's wife and the perfect espresso doppio). So, I guess there's really no news here, but the Times' Gabriele Marcotti gives us his take . [IHT, Times Online]

And in a bit of bizzare news, Chris Coleman's wife thinks he's been a bit too Italian for her tastes. [This is London]


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