Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A little foreplay, please?

Unlike Barcelona's attempt to go through to the next round, you knew there had to be something exciting about Inter Milan getting dumped out of the Champions League by Valencia. If not for goals, then definitely for after-match excitement.

Valencia sub David Navarro was chased down the tunnel after the match when he aggravated a tussle between the two teams after the conclusion of the game. What did he do? The one who seemed to get off the worst was Inter's Nicolas Burdisso, who kindly created this gem (lost in translation) for us:

"Taking me from behind is something that is not worthy behaviour of a man," Burdisso raged after the match. "I was discussing something with a different Valencia player when he hit me. I'm confident that UEFA will act."

It seems the los Ches sub did Burdisso from both ends, all of which you can watch here. For the record, Navarro has apologized, despite doing a better job taking Burdisso from the front.


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