Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Grab: 03.06

Much like Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry is considered fit by Arsene Wenger to play in Arsenal's second leg of the first knockout round at the Emirates against PSV Eindhoven. Also, much like Wayne Rooney, both respective managers will hope that if their stars play on Wednesday, they'll show up for a big European match. While Henry is regularly criticized for his lack of finishing in big games, namely in Europe, at least he's scored for his team in the last two and a half years (Rooney hasn't scored since putting in 3 past Fenerbahce in 2004). With the League and FA Cups, as well as the title well out of Arsenal's reach, perhaps it's worth the risk for Wenger to keep his options open. [Channel 4, Sky Sports]

And what a time for Wazza to be passed fit, since Louis Saha has proved millions of EPL fans around the world right (at least a little bit) by picking up a muscle injury in training. The normally fragile French forward usually begins the seasons sizzling, only to fade out due to injury towards the end of the year. Paul Scholes' absence could also be crucial in Manchester United's chase for silver this year. [Manchester United FC]

It's been tense at the Bridge since the return of Roman Abramovich from his dabbling in the Middle East and the Special One has decided that his war of words with Sir Fergie isn't enough to keep him going. Still mathematically in the running for an unheard of quadruple, it seems odd for Mourinho to be saying what he's saying now, but then again, maybe he's taken a cue from Fabio Capello. More likely, he's bored. Perhaps also for Roman, who would like to disappoint
Hernan Crespo by ordering him back to England. [Belfast Telegraph, Goal.com]

High-stakes gambling, a potential docking of points for illegally acquiring Tevecherano, and a general lack of class on the pitch. It's hard to imagine things getting worse at Upton Park, given it's more than likely West Ham will go down with a barely double-digit points total. With so many things going for them Hammers fans decided to have a little anti-Semitic go
at Tottenham Hotspur supporters. Considering that Alan Curbishley's squad pretty much gave the match away to Spurs despite putting in three, a pretty stupid classless move. [Daily Telegraph]

Stevie G shows why he's the skipper at Liverpool telling his teammates to take it to last year's champions when they visit the Reds this evening at An - hang on, why is this a story and why am I posting this? Set those DVRs and enjoy the matches.


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Anonymous said...

Saha's injured again? CrapCrapCrapCrapCrap!!!!!! He totally activated the maternal area in me by saying he wasn't sure he was flashy enough to play for France, and he repays my sympathy with an injury?

Thanks a bunch, Louis! See if I ever give YOU an image makeover again.

Laurie at France.worldcupblog.org