Monday, March 26, 2007

The Grab: 03.26

Perhaps one of the more ironic moments in England's current state of uninspired performances, the FA will announce who'll be showing FA Cup and England games for the next four years, beginning in 2008. Could ITV be the new home of FA soccer? [Daily Telegraph]

A sigh of relief or disappointment for Gooners out there? Kroenke Sports Enterprise, owned by billionaire Stan Kroenke, claims they have no interest in buying Arsenal, according to a Colorado Rapids spokesman. [BBC Sport]

Speaking of the Gunners, one of my favorite offensive players, Le Bob, wouldn't mind a return to Arsenal. Although he's currently regaining fitness from a fairly serious knee-injury, and he's hardly leaving defenders in the dust at the age of 33, I wouldn't mind seeing a little Pires ingenuity streaking into the box behind Arsenal's ineffective attack. [ITV]

Manu Adebayor and two others from Togo's national team have been told to go home after, surprisingly, a disagreement over unpaid bonuses. This marks the third time in the last year or so (that I know of) that Togo's Football Federation has had the same issue of unpaid bonuses. Adebayor up front for England? [Fox Sports Australia]

Didn't get enough soccer this weekend (I personally watched over 450 minutes of footy on Saturday and can't seem to recall anything worth mentioning)? Get ready for more Euro qualifying:
Wednesday, March 28
Malta v. Greece
1:30 pm ET Setanta PPV

Turkey v. Norway
2:00 pm ET Setanta Sports

Serbia v. Portugal
2:15 pm ET RTPi

Ireland v. Slovakia
2:30 pm ET Setanta PPV

Poland v. Armenia
2:30 pm ET Setanta PPV

Andorra v. England
3:00 pm ET Setanta PPV

Czech Republic v. Cyprus
3:00 pm ET (delayed) Fox Soccer Channel

Italy v. Scotland
3:00 pm ET RAI

Please check your local listings. Enjoy.


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