Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Grab: 03.25

Didier Drogba's taken, so you'll have to do . . . .

Wow, they play video games over there too! Boise State's Ian Johnson makes man love over the phone to Didier Drogba. []

Did you think that Steve McClaren was everyone's second choice, and that he was frothing at the mouth to take the England job? Well, you were right, and if this guy isn't smart enough to write a golden parachute into his contract, he definitely isn't smart enough to lead a bunch of overrated babies to the Euros. I think we can safely say he's probably the loneliest man in English football at the moment. [Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail]

Group B is turning out to be quite group, with four real-deal contenders. While I'm not expecting Scotland to beat Italy, it is the perfect time for them to meet the World Champions, unless they're anything like the U-21s. [Herald, Independent]

For the latest results on Saturday's games, click here. [UEFA]



risingson said...

Well said. England: overrated cry babies.

My personal opinion; how does a team that lacks a world class midfielder who is skilled with the ball, expect to win a world cup? You can have 11 Frank Lampards, and 11 Steven Gerrards, you still won't win.
Only the Germans can do that. And thats because the Germans are crazy.

soccermad said...

my favorite Massive Attack tune, btw . . . you're quite right . . . although I like Steven Gerrard out there more than Lamps, even he's lacking the creativity of a "world-class midfielder" . . the worst part is, England will probably soundly beat Andorra and we'll have the rollercoaster all over again.