Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Children Really Are The Future

22-year-old Raffaele Palladino decided the match for Juventus today, scoring the winner against a run-of-the-mill Treviso side. A quickly taken free kick was needed to push an indifferent Juve three points clear of second place Napoli. While Didier Deschamps was happy with the win, he sought to deflect some of the heat for his side's wobbly display:
Our opponents were very clammed up and didn't leave us any space to move in. The fact that there weren't many people in the crowd made the difference. The players were a little scared by the chants that were being heard. I understand that the fans must manifest their displeasure with a situation, but they need to help the players. This is Serie B, not the top flight or the Champions League. There are difficulties every day and it is by no means easy.
Blame who you want Didi, and the fans will blame who they want, that's the way it works. Why don't you give Stuart Pearce a ring and compare notes. The Bianconeri now wait until next Monday to play again when they host mid-table Triestina. [International Herald Tribune, Channel 4, BBC]

In other Juve news:
  • David Trezeguet had a little trouble keeping his elbows to himself over the weekend. [Yahoo]
  • This piece is mostly about Trez and the club appealing his ban, but a noteworthy item is buried in the last paragraph: "Mauro Camoranesi was also punished with a one-match ban, for "gross unsporting conduct towards one of his opponents.'" Alrigh Mauro, who did you spit on?[Channel 4]

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