Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Grab: 03.13

Zizou pulled out of the European XI set to play against Manchester United at Old Trafford today, after UEFA asked him to line up beside Marco Materazzi. Apparently MM's little barb about his mother still smarts a bit, as does getting sent off in arguably the biggest game of his career. The match is to commemorate the 50th anniversaries of the Treaty of Rome and United becoming the first English club to play in European competition. Here's the proposed lineup.
[Chicago Sun-Times, ManUtd.com]

We all know the extent to which the media can twist things. Hell, even here at SMiA (as if we were part of the media - ha!) we sometimes just make stuff up. But you have to assume Jose Mourinho is smart enough to know how his words are taken, especially by the bombastic British press, which makes this little media ban all the more ridiculous. [Guardian Unlimited]

After dutifully getting kicked in the face, England and Chelsea skipper John Terry is seeking Michael Ballack wages. It seems that Chelsea's doing all they can to sign the core players in their squad to prevent everyone's favorite swearing Portugeezer from taking all the talent with him when he leaves. And now, top deflected goal scorer, Frank Lampard is setting a deadline for his talks, which may see the England midfielder leave Stamford Bridge in the summer, perhaps to Spain where his missus is from? [Times Online, Fox Sports]

The Beeb gives us some quotes of the week. [BBC Sport]


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