Monday, March 19, 2007

"Actually, I Was African Player Of The Year Three Years In A Row"

Give some credit to the New York Times for funding their soccer writer, Jack Bell, on his trip to Barcelona to interview Samuel Eto'o.* But to what do we chalk up Bell not knowing how many African Footballer of the Year awards Eto'o has won?

Did the scribe hire a d-list translator or just get his facts wrong? Whatever it is, it creates the best moment in an otherwise lackluster sitdown.

*Correction made to earlier post mistakenly citing Paris as the site of the interview.

Q. & A.: Barcelona Striker Samuel Eto'o [New York Times]



Anonymous said...

You take the mikey out on Jack Bell for not knowing enough about Eto'o's awards and then you make the error of stating the interview was in Paris when Eto'o conducted the interview with Mr. Bell where he plies his trade, in Barcelona.

soccermad said...

So true, Mr. Anonymous. I apologize, to both you and Jack Bell. But mostly to Mr. Eto'o, I'd be offended as well if I was linked to Paris Saint-Germain. It must have been all that Oxy-Contin I took this morning.

Does this error now make me qualified to work for the New York Times?


soccermad said...

I'd actually prefer that we all stay on the drugs


The Italian Spot said...

Whoa. Mr Anonymous. Lighten up. In other news, for a spirited take on all things Serie A and La Liga, see