Thursday, February 22, 2007

Take Your Annoying Cell Phone Habits Abroad

Here's some news for you world travelers, for the next time you go chasing your dream of watching your favorite team play in their home stadium. National Geographic has started marketing a $199 cell phone that can be used in over 100 foreign countries. It's a one-time price for the phone, which comes with 30 minutes worth of outgoing calls. You can then pay for additional minutes, starting at $29 for every 30 minute block.

Of course, the price depends on where you're calling from, but hey, you're not using it for a conference call. So the next time you have to call home (mom, baby's momma, parole officer, etc.) while you're abroad to prove you're still alive, no problem. You might even be able to give Big Sam a call while you're watching a game at the Reebok.

National Geographic Introduces 'Talk Abroad' Travel Cell Phone [World Hum]


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