Monday, February 12, 2007

The Late Grab: 02.12

But Alan, isn't 16 half of 32? What are you saying?

With the January transfer window closed, it's time to begin the speculation over who's going where after the season. Thankfully, Ashley Cole signed a contract with Chelsea, so we don't have to hear about him anymore (unless you read the New York Times Bestseller List). Any thoughts on next year's Teverano? [The Sun]

Oh, it was a joke? Well, that changes everything. TH14 does a little damage control after showing his dismay at Chris Kirkland's "time-wasting" []

Paul Le Guen and Ged Houllier end their respective bad runs of form with victories. The first victory in nearly a month for Houllier's Lyon gives them an 11-point lead in Ligue 1, while PLG's PSG remain complete shit at 29 points from first. []

Inter's Roberto Mancini calls for ending the footie season in Italy now, amid the recent violence and death of a policeman. Wouldn't you think he'd want to legitimately (difficult in Italia) win the damn thing, especially after winning by default last year? [Daily Telegraph]


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