Monday, February 12, 2007

Umm, Wait A Minute

While this past weekend's matches in Italy were more or less ruled a success, at least one person called the situation scandalous. In last night's edition of Sky Sports News (7pm ET on FSC), there was a report from the San Siro that had an Italian based English journalist claim that though reports are that Milan made the necessary improvements for yesterday's game against Livorno, the stadium actually had only one functioning electronic turnstile. If this claim is to be believed (the Sky Sports reporter seemed to go along with it), than many, if not close to all, of the spectators at yesterday's match in Milan got into the stadium without being subject to the new security requirements.

Everything that I've been able to find this morning doesn't address the situation as reported on last night's Through The Night broadcast. This article, mainly about the upcoming Milan v. Celtic Champions League tie, addresses the fact that some of San Siro's new turnstiles had in fact been "temperamental." But it states that only seven of the 28 devices didn't work out as promised.

I'll be interested to see how this plays out in the coming days. Milan have been known to get a little extra help when they've had trouble in the past. How they were allowed to enter this season's Champions League when Fiorentina and Juventus were banned is still a mystery to me.

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