Friday, February 23, 2007

I Think The Legal Term Is "Collusion"

Speaking of money (see post below), Craig Bellamy's golf swing at the Camp Nou has paid out a pretty penny to some clairvoyant gamblers. Money quote:
William Hill's response to its £50,000 [about $98,000] loss also raised eyebrows. A spokesman for the company said it was likely the Liverpool striker had heard about the bet before the match, though he played down suggestions of a coup. A Uefa spokesman said: "We have regulations that prevent people betting in a way that endangers the integrity of the sport, but unless we had evidence that he [Bellamy] actually placed a bet it is very hard to investigate."
Hey Craig, that's a nice watch, new is it?

Bellamy's cheap shot costs bookies a wedge [Guardian Unlimited]


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