Friday, February 23, 2007

The Grab: 02.23

Not all the current news about Gazza is good, although AC and I see an Oscar or BAFTA in his future. [Metro UK, SMiA]

Jeez, Arsene, don't have another long-winded cow. I'm just saying I'm pretty damn great. The Special One attempts to squirt lighter fluid on a sad excuse for a feud, only to put it out in a panic. [Times Online]

Kicking yourself because you didn't take the odds on Craig "show me a woman and I'll punch her (or "show me a Norwegian and I'll club him") Bellamy's goal celebration after Liverpool's first goals against Barcelona on Wednesday? If you've got extra scratch burning a hole in your jeans give Manu Adebayor a look for Sunday's League Cup Final. [SMiA, Guardian Unlimited]

If you are feeling as geared up for Sunday's match, check out what happened 30 years ago. I'd love to see what Pat Rice is telling the youngsters about this. [BBC Football]

Unsurprisingly, UEFA allowed Ryan Giggs' quickly-taken free kick stand as a goal, despite LOSC Lille's protest. To make matters worse for the French team, UEFA have announced they're going to look into the home team's reaction to the goal, where they all marched off the pitch in protest. Chicken-wire fencing at the stadium, walking off the pitch? It's like 1970s African soccer all over again (without the dubious tyrants in the directors' box). [UEFA]

Didi Deschamps wants Stevie G so bad he's willing to re-enact the touching man love scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. [FansFC]


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