Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Grab: 03.19.2008

I do love a good list, but this may as well be the top ten cars you'd buy if you were still 16. It is interesting how the Audi A3 made the list, considering just how plebeian it must seem to most players.

Top ten cars of Premier League stars [Telegraph]

And since we're on the topic of lists, here's another 5.94M reasons to hate Darren Bent, if you even think of him at all.

Football’s 50 highest earners - well done, Darren Bent! [The Spoiler]

Catching up with former Gunner Bobby Pires, and his feelings for the other side in North London.

Pires: I’d never wear Spurs shirt [Setanta Sports]

Wenger gets his culottes in a twist over Hleb's ice cream.

Angry Wenger accuses Inter of tapping up midfielder Hleb [Guardian]


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