Thursday, March 20, 2008

Euro Ticket Prices Touch The Sky

With just 81 days left until the country faces off against Italy at this summer's Euros, the largest online ticket agency in the Netherlands is charging $2,148 per ticket to Holland's match against the World Champions. The same goes for the game against France, played eight days later. Seems as good a time as any to refinance the house.

No word on how much it'll cost to watch the Dutch play against Romania, but I imagine still a bit pricey on any budget. Not long ago, in a report filed on February 28th, the AP claimed that a ticket to the Germany v. Poland match would run about $1,500. And in an example of how far the dollar has fallen, a seat to watch Holland v. France would cost $1,285. That's almost 60% less than it would cost today, three weeks on.

European championships costs fans dear []
With 100 days to go, Euro 2008 chief warns fans to avoid black market tickets [International Herald Tribune]


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