Friday, November 16, 2007

Without Sheva To Push Around Anymore, This Is The Result

Jose Mourinho's got to take his frustrations out on somebody, no matter how old they might be.'s magazine has the story:
Mourinho is now back in his native Portugal, and is free to take his daughter Matilde to school. Unfortunately, that meant he was able to overhear a fellow pupil teasing her, unacceptable in any language, and the former Chelsea FC coach took exception. What happened in the resultant scuffle is unclear, but St Peter's School headmistress Isabel Simão said: "I saw Mr Mourinho grab the child's arm. I stayed with the young man to calm him down. I asked if Mr Mourinho punched or kicked him and he denied it. But I knew he grabbed his long hair." Mourinho was big about it, though, Simão adding: "He said he was sorry for what had happened and wrote a formal letter of apology to the school, the boy, and his parents and they seemed happy with that." Until he withdrew his children from the school.
No need to call in Judge Judy, seems like everything has been straightened out.

Schoolboy error [UEFA Magazine]


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