Friday, November 16, 2007

Shirt Sponsors: Who Makes What Edition

Bloomberg published an interesting article on the economics of shirt sponsorships in Europe's top six soccer leagues. A recently released report by sponsorship consultant Sport+Markt AG says that Manchester United top the list, raking in $30.4M a year from American International Group. Bayern Munich is a close second with Deutsche Telekom AG paying $29.1M for the right to plaster T-Home onto the famous red shirt. Looking at the list of clubs, doesn't it look like Milan are getting shortchanged by Bwin?

Collectively, clubs in England make about $142M a year from shirt sponsorships. That is followed by Bundesliga teams with $139.1M and Serie A sides with $104.7M.

The most interesting piece in the report, at least for top-tier clubs: "On a European scale, and especially among the top teams, the full potential has still not been tapped."

European Soccer Clubs to Receive $589 Mln From Jersey Sponsors [Bloomberg]


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