Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why I Hope England Lose on Wednesday

Just a few days ago, England was rueing their inability to maintain their destiny in their own hands, but Israel's victory over Russia has placed the onus squarely back onto the Three Lions.

Of course, the doom and gloom that typically accompanies insecurity, negativity and an overall lack of confidence must rear its head, ala pretty much every major cup competition England's been involved with since 1966.

This time it's more than a handful of things that have caused much worry and sensation in the British press, namely Paul Robinson's lack of even mediocre goalkeeping ability and confidence, his replacement Scott Carson's lack of experience, David Beckham's lack of pace and match fitness and perhaps more importantly Steve McClaren's lack of balls. I'm not saying anything new, but I remain incredulous at the predictibility of the whole thing.

We knew Robinson sucked, that Beckham is past the brink of usefulness when the game is played at full speed, and that Stevie Mac will quash whatever possibility of positive creativity there is left in the English midfield.

I do agree that Euro 2008 will be less of a spectacle if England is not there, if not a tremendous loss to brewers and meat pie makers throughout the continent, but wouldn't it be great if they didn't make it?

I mean, on paper, they should be there, they should compete and they should be in it until the semis. But a lot of things "on paper" don't mean crap in reality, so let's save all the drama and panic and perhaps the English FA can scrap it all and start all over with nothing to play for until qualifying for South Africa 2010.

Then again, that all makes a lot of sense. On paper, that is.


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