Monday, November 19, 2007

The Grab: 11.19.2007

Ach . . . mein kopf itchin'

Mad Jens Lehmann has lowered the hole he's digging for himself when he apparently resorted to the 'ol "I'll scratch my face/push up my glasses . . . but HA, with my middle finger!!!" in response to German fans' calls to replace him with the reserve keeper during Germany's 4-0 win over Cyprus.
Lehmann denies making obscene gesture to Germany fans [Daily Mail]

Wannabe Gunners owner, hardman of Uzbekistan and non-rapist Alisher Usmanov answers some questions put to him by a Guardian journalist, who surprisingly is still alive (as far as we know).
Usmanov's responses to Guardian questions [Guardian Football]

After Paul Jewell declined to return to Wigan Athletic, chairman Dave Whelan must have seen his side going down this term or at least in the near future, by appointing Birmingham City's gaffer Steve Bruce to take over the manager's post at the JJB. Whelan dubbed him "a very, very talented manager". Yeah, talented at bringing clubs up from the Championship. Brucie jumps about four spots down the table, but will more than double his salary at Birmingham.
Wigan welcome 'big signing' Steve Bruce [Daily Telegraph]

Remember that old, tired joke about there being only a handful of fruitcakes in existence, and that those few are simply being passed on and regifted at every opportunity? Well, the ladies at Kickette have stumbled upon a parallel theory regarding a handful of particular WAGs. Or am I getting this confused with the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Whatever, it's more hos and man-hos stuff.
Three Wags, Many Players: A Study in Skankocity [Kickette]

Club footy fans, were you bored by this weekend's international break? As much as it was enjoyable to picture the entire England squad, biting their nails during Israel v. Russia and a few other Euros qualifiers to watch, it was a relatively ho-hum weekend for most. Or perhaps not . . . apparently there was some sort of championship match in Washington DC - ok, I'll stop bagging on MLS, but despite the thrilling comeback by the Houston Dynamo to win the MLS title for the second time in two years, several things remain evident:

1) Dave O'Brien cannot call a soccer game. At all.
2) Eric Wynalda doesn't improve much on number 1.
3) Julie Foudy. What the hell is she doing here?

We all know the fate of American soccer is dependent on money, most of which we hope will eventually come in the form of huge television contracts, ala the EPL, but ESPN is currently doing its best to kill this "growing" game in North America. Word is that one of the guys in charge of programming is a soccer fan (Anyone know about this? If so, drop us a comment). But what kind, I want to know? The guy who only gets up for finals, or the World Cup, "the greatest competition in the world"? The tool who wears a jersey because he happened to see a spectacular highlight of a mercurial striker on ESPN Deportes? And what's up with the stupid graphics to show how a goal was scored? Please, it's like when CBS was putting a blue line on the line of scrimmage during NFL games, which we can all see by where the effing football is. As much as I sometimes hate watching FSC's pre-match, during-match and post-match commentary/drivel (just go straight to the UK feed, please), they make ESPN look like a cable access program.
Sounds like dynasty [Chicago Tribune]


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