Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nike Making A Move?

We could very well be seeing the end of Umbro as we know it. The soccer-only apparel company has seen it's stock hit new heights after it claimed that that it had been approached in a takeover bid. Reuters is backing up Umbro, reporting that Nike is the potential buyer making waves.

With Nike and Adidas already controlling huge shares of the soccer market, do we really want to see them gobbling up a bigger piece of the pie? And what if Umbro decides to sell? The third-most recognizable soccer kit maker, out of business, out of sight at major tournaments: how sad would that be?

Umbro Shares Surge on Approach; Nike Behind Bid, Reuters Says [Bloomberg]
UK's Umbro gets approach, sources say it's Nike [Reuters]


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soccermad said...

It looks like kit makers, along with the top clubs are going the way of foreign ownership. The decline of British talent, British ownership, and now British-manufactured kits.