Friday, October 19, 2007

The Grab: 10.19.2007

Do you like Belgian or American? A little powdered sugar, or maybe some berries? There's the syrup . . . With his eyes just barely dried, Blues striker Didier Drogba toyed with his new waffle iron as he showed just what a man he is:

"it would be a little cowardly to leave at a time when the boat is rocking" . . . That was my way of showing how angry I was. But I wouldn't have been able to look my team-mates in the eye afterwards. I am someone who has always campaigned for solidarity, so I've decided to stay until next summer."

Or, perhaps he was about to embark down a road (ala Ashley Cole) that he didn't want to see all the way through. Why not score a few and demand some high wages at either of the only other clubs he'll consider:

"For me, there aren't 50 clubs who could stimulate this sort of passion, just four: AC Milan, Inter, Barça and Real."

Strangley, I've never felt Chelsea came even close to that quartet, but then again, another man's riches can certainly change that.

Drogba denies he'll leave Chelsea in January [Guardian Football]

England's loss to Russia (on a plastic pitch, no less!!! the injustice!!!) has spun the FA into crisis, so nothing else is new at Soho Square. Somehow, despite all the signs of mediocrity being there, Brian Barwick, et al are suprised by England's stumbling on the road to Austria and Switzerland. BB came out weakly yesterday in support of McClaren, claiming that his job was to prepare the squad to go out and beat Austria in a friendly, and Croatia in their remaining group game. Really? Pretty much everyone else seems to think his job was to take the "greatest players from the greatest league (not to mention the creators of the game)" to the Euros and possibly vie for, er, 3rd or 4th place. Anyway, possible replacements for the impotent McClaren are Cali-boy Jurgen Klinsmann, the Special One Jose Mourinho and former candidate for the post, Aston Villa gaffer Martin O'Neill. I thought I heard some vultures immediately after the full-time whistle in Moscow.

FA to make reluctant Jose Mourinho prime target [Times Online]

If you haven't checked out the excellent blog Culture of Soccer, definitely do so. David Keyes, an avid footie fan based in San Diego offers us his take on why soccer hasn't made the impact it has in the rest of the world on our democratically free, perfectly manly corner of the planet.

Is Soccer Un-American? - Part 1 [Culture of Soccer]

I'm not sure why this is surprising, since Jose Mourinho is a continental man. It looks like Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo aren't the only ones to teach us a thing or two about da ladeez.

Infidelity Files: Jose Mourinho [Kickette]

Beckswatch: It's been a while, with Becks' da becoming ill and all. But, we do know about Posh's skin issue, how the star was kind enough to buy his pop a place, and his return to fitness in last night's game against the New York Red Bulls. Well, if there is one thing that hasn't changed, it's the fact that the LA Galaxy, despite having the Honda Player of the Year (that's right, Honda!!! Player of the Year!!!) Landon Donovan, are still pretty much crap. [Daily Mail, Post Chronicle]

Beckham unable to deliver against the Red Bulls [ESPN Soccernet]


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