Thursday, October 25, 2007


In my quest to bring you all things urinal at upcoming major tournaments (see here concerning the Olympic U-23 tournament), I bring you the invention that will transform next summer's Euros. The "roadbag," a bag that absorbs urine and and turns it into a gel, is set to be rolled out in time for the festivities in Austria and Switzerland.

So instead of mopping up urine, Euro janitors will be picking up soft bags of gel-piss. Genius.

Soccer Fans May Get Mobile Urinals [Der Spiegel]



soccermad said...

a technological advancement over the much beloved "stadium pal"

i hope mrs. bl doesn't see this; i'd hate to ruin her xmas surprise.


Laurie said...

She said she had also offered to sell the product to the organizers of the Cologne carnival, which is notorious for wild urination by inebriated revellers in the city.

Ah, yes. That wild urination.

And why am I so amused that this product was designed by a woman?