Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some 60 Years Later, Poland Still A WWII Battleground

Not busy enough with construction cost overruns and a labor shortage, Poland now has another item to add to it's to-do list for the 2012 European Championship: removal of unexploded WWII ordinance. From Bloomberg's Nathaniel Espino in Warsaw:
The route to a planned stadium in the southwest city of Wroclaw is littered with undetonated bombs, rockets and hand grenades, said Leslaw Maj, whose company Spec-Maj is cleaning up the site ahead of road construction crews.

"This area was near the airport, meaning during the war it was subject to some of the most heavy bombardment and intense battles,'' Maj said in a telephone interview. "From the amount of material we've taken out of just a small area, you can see it's one of the worst areas in Poland.''

Warsaw authorities evacuated 600 people from downtown offices and apartment buildings in June after construction workers unearthed a 1 1/2 ton bomb from World War II in the Polish capital's former Jewish ghetto.
Surely, that must be the worst of it. Right?

Nazi Bombs Complicate Work on Road to Polish Soccer Stadium [Bloomberg]


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Molnár said...

this image made from a Hungarian Mine Disposal! Not in Poland but also in Budapest, Hungary. He is my colleague