Sunday, July 01, 2007

Why There Are So Few Jewish Sportsman

Reader Mordachai Scheffller writes in concerning this post about the list of famous Jewish soccer players at The Kin of Fish:
You do know why there are so few famous Jewish sportsman, right? About the Secret of the Jews?

Ok, I tell you this in strictest confidence and ask you to never repeat it, ever. If it becomes known, I'll deny any knowledge of it and denounce it as another racist myth spread by anti-Semites, kapish?

You know how when you cut the stub of a young tree, it spurs radical regrowth eventually making it wider and taller? Or when you shave, stubble grows back much twice as fast? Well, circumcision has the same effect. It causes male Jewish genitalia to become disproportionately large and the added weight makes it difficult to compete in sporting events.

You're probably wondering why, if it this were true, you've never heard about it. Well, it's because concern over the continuation of the Jewish people: If shikses only knew about our groisse schlong they'd be all over us and it would be much easier to marry a non-Jew.

Now you know the secret, I urge you to keep it to yourself, lest you incur the wrath of the Jewish cabal that dominates the world.
Sounds about right to me.

Famous Jewish Soccer Legends [The Kin of Fish]



Laurie said...

There will come a day when I will read a post like this, and I will have developed self-control. When that day comes, I will have learned to sit on my hands till the urge to comment passes.

I am not there yet.

Re: The post. I am not in a position to comment about whether the legend is true. However, I was just writing about a Chelsea player with a similar predicament who seems to compensate okay.

I'm just sayin'.

prof said...

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Mr. Fish said...

Thanks for the link!