Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Grab: 06.12

Are you sure this is the loo? Everyone's watching . . .
I really feel for you, DB. Really, I do. This is what you'll be coming home to as you embark on your new career in La-La Land. At least you know she'll follow you no matter what happens, through thin and thin (definitely not if you get fat). Thankfully, it's the great conversation, not to mention your adorable little trendy-named kids that compliment this marriage made in Chavland. [Daily Mail, Kickette]

Oooh, my greedy little hands couldn't wait to get a hold of this little list, especially now I have nothing to watch (besides the last round of La Liga) except the Gold Cup and MLS. Did we mention how much we love YouTube? [Guardian Sport Blog]

Another machinated response created specifically for the press? It's hard to tell nowadays, when "I'm an Arsenal player at the moment" means "I'm getting the f*ck outta here as soon as Barca makes a bid". As you can see from the text of this article, the headline seems a bit bombastic, no? Then again, it's about time someone told the amazing TH14 to shut the hell up and get with the team. [Daily Mirror]


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