Monday, May 21, 2007

What's left to watch

While I'm sad to see the EPL end, especially on such an uninspiring note, we've got plenty to keep an eye on. In La Liga, what was once a league that nobody wanted to win has become the European domestic campaign to watch as it wraps up in the next three weeks. [Reuters]

And of course, in just two days time, the champions of Europe will be crowned. While both Liverpool and AC Milan may not be champions of their respective domestic campaigns, it'd be difficult to ask for a more dramatic matchup in the final, just because of what happened two years ago. World Cup winner Marcel Desailly, choosing one of two opinions to expouse, tells us it's the midfield that matters. US coverage starts from 2:30 pm ET on ESPN2. [, Guardian Sport Blog]

Next Monday, Derby County and West Bromwich Albion will duke it out at Wembley to decide who will become the third team to go up to the Premiership and make an additional $56M for next year. Check your local listings.


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