Friday, May 18, 2007

This Time Last Year...

Javier Mascherano was training with Argentina ahead of the World Cup. He was the squad's first-choice No. 5, and looking for a move to Europe after the tournament in Germany. Little did he know that that move wouldn't take as straight a line as he had envisioned.

As he gets ready to lace them up against Milan next week, he sat down with Simon Hart of UEFA Magazine to discuss his long, winding season. Money quote:
"There were four or five months of frustration and probably the way I kept training made me stronger. I've gone from being relegated to a complete anonymity [at West Ham] to the present [at Liverpool]. The whole situation was like a test for me and made me stronger."
Strong indeed, enough to muscle past Mohamed Sissoko on Liverpool's depth chart.

The incredible journey [UEFA Magazine]


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