Friday, May 18, 2007

No Bovril At Wembley !?!

While the concession stands at Wembley won't be serving delicious Bovril, the menu is set. And what will the bourgeoisie be feasting on tomorrow afternoon? Thanks to Bloomberg's Amy Wilson, the great unwashed now know what they are missing:
Pies made from 100% Scottish beef: £4.50 ($8.87)
Hot dogs made from German sausage: £3.90 ($7.70)
Pint of beer: £3.50 ($6.91)
Cup of coffee: £1.70 ($3.36)
All in all, quite comparable to what food costs at an NFL or NBA game.

Wembley Soccer Fans Get $9 Pies, German Hot Dogs -- No Bovril [Bloomberg]


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